IConS 2021 Winners

Abstract ID YRA Abstract Title Author
1 Improving the physical health of people with mental illness in India: Exploring barriers, attitudes, confidence, and knowledge of mental health professionals B.Suhavana
2 Development and validation of a scale to measure superstitions in Karnataka and estimation of the level of superstitious beliefs in patients with psychiatric illnesses Dr. Swarna Buddha Nayok
3 Effect of High-Definition tDCS on working memory deficits in Schizophrenia: Neuroimaging and Genetic Correlates Sowmya Selvaraj
4 Study of suicidal behaviour in admitted first-episode schizophrenia patients from south India Dr Sangha Mitra Godi
5 Title: Effectiveness of two digital training models (hybrid vs fully digital) of Primary Care Doctors: A comparative study Gopi Gajera
6 Substance Use Related Outcomes in Patients with Dual Diagnosis on Treatment with Clozapine – A Comparative Study with Patients on Treatment with Other Antipsychotics Parul Mathur
7 To assess and compare the course of cognitive deficits in patients with and without delirium in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome in withdrawal state Dr. Apurva
8 Can lowering monitoring for clozapine be considered in the future? Sanjana Kathiravan
9 Factors Associated with Poor Response to Clozapine in Schizophrenia: A study from Northern India Chandrima Naskar
10 Prevalence and Correlates of Loneliness in patients with schizophrenia Dr Aarzoo Suman
11 Factors associated with age of onset of illness among patients with schizophrenia: A cross-sectional study from South India A Pavithra
12 Fear and knowledge of COVID-19 among persons with mental disorders and their caregivers: A descriptive study from Chennai Vijayalakshmi U

Winner YRA

  • - 1st Place: Dr Swarna Buddha Nayok
  • - 2nd Place: Ms B. Suhavana

Winner Poster

  • - 1st Place: Dr Biswa Ranjan Mishra
  • - 2nd Place: Ms Nirupama Natrajan

IConS IX of SCARF 2021 - Poster

Dr Aarzoo Suman

Demoralization is a syndrome of “existential distress” which occurs in patients who are suffering from a chronic physical or mental illness.

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Gopika Jagota

Patients with schizophrenia are at high risk of premature allcause mortality compared to the general population, with cardiovascular..

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P.N Suresh Kumar

Peripheral neurostimulation techniques such as rTMS curtails disabling symptoms such as refractory auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia..

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Dr B.Kalaiselvi

Every person, including a person with mental illness shall be considered to have capacity to make decisions.

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Debanjan Bhattacharjee

Nearly one third of the patients with schizophrenia are treatment resistant. The time course to treatment resistance could..

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Debanjan bhattacharjee

Shared psychosis also known as folie a deux was first described by Charles Lasegue and Jean-Pierre Farletin 1877.

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P Annie John

Schizophrenia is a condition with early onset, variable clinical course and chronicity posing a health problem. It affects the daily..

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T Sivakumar

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) for persons with mental illness (PMI) initiated in August 2015 with public-private partnership.

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K Logesh

RADAR is developed as a tool to assess the definitive antipsychotic response with established content validity.

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Krutideepa Mohanty

Persons with Mental Illness (PwMl) are likely to engage in unhealthy lifestyle that cause physical inactivity and unhealthy..

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Pavithra Jayasankar

The Simplified Negative and Positive Symptoms Interview (SNAPSI) is a structured interview guide which aid in rating..

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Siddharth Dutt

Given the situation of an international pandemic, there has been a paradigm shift in actively using apps by all the stakeholders..

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Vineeth Mohan

Recent longitudinal studies and meta—analyses have concluded chat cognitive impairment in schizophrenia is generalized..

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Dr Biswa Ranjan mishra Poster Revised

In treatment-resistant schizophrenia (TRS), Clozapine is the only approved treatment but has..

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Jothimani Gurusamy

People with schizophrenia may have poor physical health, due to improper lifestyle. Studies identified that life expectancy of these group..

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Dhanya Raveendranathan Edited

Schizophrenia (SCZ) patients have a 15–20-year lower life expectancy than the general population.

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Nirupama Natarajan

Social Robots are designed to provide companionship and improve social interaction in persons with dementia (PwD)..

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Chiranjeevi Arumugam

Young people are in a constant battle between the changes within themselves and their changing roles and responsibilities.

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