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IConS Pre Conference workshop

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Protecting The Physical Health Of Persons With Mental Illness

Research on the physical health of people with mental illness suggests an increased morbidity and the mortality from physical health conditions in people with long-term mental illnesses. Lifestyle, behavioral risk factors such as lack of exercise, and smoking, poor dietary habits have been cited to make significant contribution to poor physical health. There is an urgent need for intervening to protect the physical health of patients. This calls for building capacities of clinicians and other mental health professions to deliver interventions focused on physical health. This workshop will focus on the various aspects of physical health interventions that a mental health professional can deliver.

AIM: The aim of this workshop is to build skills, of clinicians and professionals working with persons with mental Illness to focus on a more holistic treatment plan.

TARGET POPULATION: Mental health professionals and other clinicians (physical therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists)


The workshop will consist of:

  • Evidence based lectures
  • Small group discussions
  • Skills training modules and discussions with experts in the field. Focusing on skills such as motivational interviewing, how to plan physical activities across different settings and populations and overcoming implementation barriers in the Indian context.

30 participants will be grouped together in small group discussions facilitated by physical health and mental health experts to supervise their skill building and assess requirements of various settings with relevance to the Indian scenario.

DATE: 25th August 2022

TIME: 9.00 AM– 1.00 PM

Cost: Rs 2000

Note: We hope to create opportunities for supervision with the resource persons over 6months to follow up on the skills learnt.


  • Simon Rosenbaum, Scientia Associate Professor, School of Psychiatry - UNSW Sydney
  • D. Vijaya Raghavan, Consultant Psychiatrist - Schizophrenia Research Foundation
  • B. Suhavana, Clinical Psychologist - Schizophrenia Research Foundation

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Mental health of young people – working in academic settings

Adolescents and young adults spend nearly a third of their day in academic institutions such as schools and colleges. The academic environment has a huge bearing on the emotional health and wellbeing of youth both immediately as well as in the future. This period is also fraught with difficulties including the onset of most mental health issues while experiencing multiple transitions. Evidence supports the enhancing of mental health literacy to reduce stigma about mental health issues and increasing help seeking. While the authorities in India have been recommending the incorporation of mental health into the curriculum of school children, there have been no directions as to how mental health professionals can engage with academic institutions in providing information and care for the youth.

Through this introductory half a day (4 hours) workshop, we hope to assist mental health practitioners in providing meaningful interventions to promote mental health and provide care for children and youth in academic settings.

Who need to participate in the workshop:

Mental health professionals (Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychological social workers) with an active interest in working with children and young adults.

Workshop Content

The following topics will be covered in a case discussion and vignette based fashion by various experts in the field with experience sharing by current providers.

  • Evaluating the various models of mental health delivery in academic settings – the pros and the cons.
  • How to create systems of evaluation and referral as needed for children and young adults in academic settings with mental health difficulties
  • Barriers and facilitators for the implementation of an academic institution based mental health program

Other materials to be provided

The participants will also be provided with the following:

  • Sample templates of evaluation and referral forms to and from academic settings
  • Sample templates of materials for mental health literacy
  • Creation of a moderated peer support group through social media to engage in discussion about implementation challenges and solutions

Please note:

  • The number of participants will be restricted to 30 individuals on a first come first served basis.
  • The preconference workshop will be held on 25th August 2022 between 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM M
  • Pre-Registration is mandatory for the workshop
  • Registration cost for the workshop is Rs 2000


  • Shiva Prakash Srinivasan, Consultant Psychiatrist - Schizophrenia Research Foundation
  • A Pavithra, Consultant Psychiatrist - Schizophrenia Research Foundation
  • C. Sangeetha , Project Co-ordinator - Schizophrenia Research Foundation
  • Syed Rabiya Ahmad, Psychologist & Care-coordinator - Schizophrenia Research Foundation

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During the third edition of IConS in 2008, SCARF (India) provided a platform for the young and dynamic researchers early in their career to showcase their abilities to communicate their research endeavours in the field of mental health. This Young Researcher Award (YRA) has been a popular platform for many young researchers to present their research to an International audience of renowned researchers.

IConS- X in 2022 is hosting the YRA. The Submission for the Award has the Written and the Oral Presentation components. The Written submissions will be evaluated to identify the best papers. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their work in person at the conference.The oral presentation will be assessed independently by a different set of judges. The judges’ decision will be final and binding.

The YRA includes a Certificate and a Cash award. The YRA will be issued only in the name of the person presenting at the Conference. Hence it is recommended that the person competing for the award makes the presentation. Certificates of participation in the YRA will be issued to other applicants who did the Oral presentations.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should be

  • The first author of the submitted paper.
  • Less than 35 years in age – proof of age needs to be submitted (scanned copy of a government identification) as a file named Researcher LastName_YRA2022_ID.
  • The principal researcher involved in the submitted work.
  • Present a brief list of past research work and publications in a document named Researcher Last Name_YRA 2022-CV ( mention “None” if no work done)
  • A Registered Delegate at the Conference.

The submission must be

Original research not previously published (fully or partly).

Written following the Instructions for Authors advised by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry.

Apply Online

Full paper, Age proof and the YRA Application form (available at the IConS website)must be completed and submitted on line by 5 pm (IST) August 15, 2022. The full paper file must be named Researcher Lastname_YRA2022_Paper. The link for Online submission is link:

"Apply to"

In case of any queries regarding the, please kindly contact Poster/YRA mentioning “YRA- IConS 2022” as reference in the subject line of the email

Poster competition | Iconsofscarf

Poster Competition

SCARF welcomes all the eminent psychiatrists, scientists, academicians, young researchers, and other mental health professionals.

Categories/ Topics for posters

The posters can be in any topic related to mental health and mental health service delivery though preference will be given to posters relating to psychosis spectrum disorders. Original research work or innovative mental health service description posters are welcome.

Last date for poster submission: August 15, 2022

Delegates intimation of poster acceptance: August 16, 2022

Poster Specification

The Final Poster in PDF Format should be submitted as a soft copy dimensions 10 in x 5.625 in 16:9 (Landscape) Poster/YRA -Generalby August 15, 2022. *Please note the change in guidelines and format. If the poster is selected the author is expected to bring the physical poster and display in the designated area at the assigned time.

Each poster should include:




Names of the authors (the name of the presenting author should be underlined)


Institutional affiliation

General Guidelines

The poster should be formatted with the following headings Background, aims, methodology, results, discussion and conclusions

Physical Poster Size: 3ft wide and 4ft height (Portrait)

Online submission - Poster size: 10 in x 5.625 in (16:9) (Landscape)

Avoid crowding of text, data and figures. Illustrations and tables should be easily readable.

All sources of financial sponsorship of the study should be stated in the poster.

Guidelines to Authors for Poster Submissions

All poster submissions should be original work of the authors

The Fourth Dr Sarada Menon Oration | Iconsofscarf --> --> -->

The Fourth Dr Sarada Menon Oration

25th August 2022 - 6.15 PM

Oye Gureje, NNMA, FAS


In 2018, we had initiated the Dr Sarada Menon Oration to honour Padma Bhushan, late Dr M Sarada Menon -Founder of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation. One of the very early women psychiatrists in India, she has been instrumental in the bringing visibility to Psychosocial Rehabilitation for persons with Serious Mental illness. Extensively involving families of persons with serious mental illnesses and the local community, she gave a new meaning to the concept of resource mobilization. Starting SCARF with many likeminded individuals 34 years ago, her vision was to advance research in the field of schizophrenia and feed this back into the medical and psychosocial management. Promoting awareness on mental health and illnesses was her approach to involve the local community to re-integrate mentally ill patients into the society.

A committed and passionate teacher, she has continued to mould mental health professions over several generations. In her mid-nineties, she still updates herself with the advancements in the field of Psychiatry.

As a tribute to the immense contributions of Dr Sarada Menon to the field of mental health, Prof. Oye Gureje, University of Ibadan, Nigeria will deliver the Dr Sarada Menon Oration.

Prof. Oye Gureje is the Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health, Neurosciences, Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the institution. He has been active in global mental health for over two decades with leadership roles in several collaborative studies in epidemiology, randomized controlled trials and health system strengthening.

Contextual response to psychosis - developing an integrated care for a syndemic

Globally, psychosis is a major cause of disease burden for affected persons, their families, and the society. However, important contextual differences exist in the pattern of the burden and the help seeking behaviour of people living with psychosis and their families. Thus, even though physical comorbidity is a common reason for the reduced life expectancy that is associated with psychosis, the profile of comorbidity in low- and middle-income countries may reflect interactions between psychopathology and prevailing social and economic adversities. Also, the care needs of affected persons may in part be shaped by cultural expectations that are not entirely determined by objective effectiveness of interventions. It is therefore important that efforts to deliver services that meet the needs of persons living with psychosis must be informed by a consideration of the context in which the condition occurs.

About Oye Gureje

Oye Gureje is Professor of Psychiatry and Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Research in Mental Health, Neurosciences and Substance Abuse, Department of Psychiatry, University of Ibadan. He is Chair of the Mental Health Action Committee of the Federal Ministry of Health and a member of the Ministerial Expert Advisory Committee on COVID-19. Among many other previous roles, he was a member of the WHO International Advisory Group for ICD Revision and chaired the Work Groups on Somatic Distress and Dissociative Disorders as well as of Cultural Guidance for ICD-11. He has also been a Board Member of the World Psychiatric Association, Chair of the Task Force on Brain Drain, as well as serving in other leadership roles, including currently as a member of the Action Working Group on Comorbidity. His main research interests are in epidemiology and global mental health. He has conducted large scale community-based surveys, large randomized controlled trials, implementation research and research on health system strengthening with grant supports from the Welcome Trust, MRC (UK), EU, AusAid, Grand Challenges Canada, IDRC and the NIMH, among others. He has published more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers, monographs, book chapters, and has co-edited 3 books and has, for several years, been listed among the global highly cited researchers by Clarivate Analytics. A recipient of many awards, he is a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science, Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Medicine, and a laureate of the Nigerian National Order of Merit, the country’s highest honor for academic achievement.


10th Edition of IConS - At the Hyatt Regency - Chennai

SCARF welcomes all the eminent psychiatrists, scientists, academicians, young researchers, and other mental health professionals from all over the world to attend the signature event of this year the 10th International Conference on Schizophrenia by SCARF India in Chennai from August 25th to 27th, 2022.

IConS of SCARF is a biennial event providing an interactive environment, where researchers from all over the world would meet, talk about and discuss developments in the field of Schizophrenia and related areas. Delegates will have opportunities to explore new emerging grounds in the field and a fertile ground for enhancing their knowledge.

The theme for this year of IConS is "Exploring links between research and interventions in Psychoses"

The 3 day conference will feature pre-conference workshops, plenary talks, and symposia. The prestigious Dr. Sarada Menon Oration will be in its 4th Edition Young Researchers get an opportunity to present their research endeavors by participating in the Young Researcher award All delegate can showcase their work through poster presentations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person for a conference sharing new and exciting results.

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